Membership Policy


Aquafin Membership Policy is included in the enrolment form and on the website. Enrolment is only secured once the payment is received in full. Making a payment means that you acknowledge, accept and will abide by Aquafin “Membership Policies” and “Terms of Conditions” at all times. We do not hold spots without payment or accept part payments.

Aquafin is a private and members only swim school. Your child may only begin their swimming lessons once the enrolment request has been accepted. Once enrolled, your child will attend the allocated class same day and time every week. This is a rolling enrolment.

Aquafin Swim School is CLOSED on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. If your class falls on a public holiday, we have NOT charged you for that class. There is no make-up lesson as you have not paid for that day. We are OPEN during SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.


Lesson fees are payable in advance and only current, paid members can attend classes. A spot in a class is not held without payment. The fee is calculated on a ‘cost per lesson’ basis. A security deposit equivalent to up to two (2) weeks’ lesson fees may be charged, so that lessons are always paid in advance.


Aquafin Swim School offers a

  • 5% discount on the second sibling and
  • 10% discount on the third sibling

The discount is for the sibling only. The first child will pay full price. The discounts are not applicable during the Holiday Intensive Programs. If you avail any other promotional discount, sibling discount would not apply. 


Aquafin Swim School has an enrolment fee of $30 for every child. This is payable only once for each child and gives them a membership pack. In a case where a promotion is run to waive this enrolment fee, the child may not receive the membership pack.

The enrolment fee is due and payable upon booking your child into lessons and is non-refundable. If you decide to take a break, the enrolment fee will be payable again if the break is greater than 2 months. 


All cancellations require two (2) weeks written notice. No paid fees (NSW Vouchers, Direct Debit or bank transfer) are refundable. Enrolment and lesson fees are not transferable and cannot be refunded or credited. Any deposits paid will be reimbursed by way of swim lessons upon receiving the two (2) weeks written notice.

An admin fee of $20 will apply for consideration of any exceptional circumstances. This consideration does not include any fees paid by vouchers. 

We reserve the right to cancel your membership if you do not follow the set policies or if you or your children conduct themselves inappropriately in or outside the pool.

Changes to Fees

We try to keep our fees as low as possible whilst maintaining the highest standards. However, as costs increase, AQUAFIN reserves the right to occasionally adjust our fee schedule. You will be given a minimum of 14 days’ notice of any new fees.

Payment Method

Term fees are payable in full by 2 weeks prior to the need of the previous term for existing clients and upon enrolment into the term by new clients. Payment can be made by one of the following methods:

  • Direct debit every month for 12 weeks or
  • Full payment at once for the 12-week block.

For insurance purposes, it is imperative that you pay in advance.

Direct Debit

Under this method, you will need to fill out a direct debit form Payrix Pty Ltd, and additional fees may be required with this form. The payment will then be debited from your chosen account or credit card on the date assigned to you by the Aquafin management. The fee deducted will depend on the number of lessons given in the stipulated period, and as the student’s membership is continuing, these payments will be debited until a cancellation form is submitted to Aquafin.

For students who are starting their lessons in the middle of the month, the fees of the remaining weeks of the month, as well as the registration fee, will need to be paid at once. The fee for the remaining months can then be aligned with the direct debit schedule.

You should know that at a two-week deposit fee will be added to the first payment debited from your account. This acts as a safety net for us in case there is some problem with the direct debit system in the bank, and these lessons can then be taken up with two weeks’ cancellation notice. You also need to submit your direct debit request to our Manager before the 1st of the month and keep him up-to-date with any changes to your account.

In the case that the bank declines a direct debit payment, the remaining fee must be paid before the child arrives for the next lesson; otherwise, he or she will not be able to attend. If a debit fails, then Payrix Pty Ltd can charge a dishonor fee according to their terms and conditions. Should an automatic direct debit be returned three times, the privileges associated with direct debit will be cancelled.

If you wish to cancel the direct debit, Aquafin requires notice no later than two weeks before the date of cancellation. This will then determine when the two weeks’ classes that have been paid for will take place. As no refunds are available, if you cancel the direct deposit just after the monthly payment, the two prepaid classes will have to take place in the first two weeks of the coming month. Direct debits cannot be cancelled over school holiday periods.

Makeup Lesson

We want your child to avail every opportunity to learn and become a better swimmer.

This is why we allow 3 make-up lessons in a term. To be eligible for the make-up lesson, Aquafin should be notified at least 2 hour before the scheduled lesson. No make-up lessons are given for classes missed without notification. Make-up lessons may be booked a week in advance. It is parents responsibility to book in the make-up lesson. You can log in to the parents portal to book it in. Once booked, a make-up lesson cannot be changed. If it is missed, no replacement lesson will be given.

Please note

  • Cancellation of your enrolment will lead to a forfeiture of all unused make-up lessons on your account. Irrespective of which party cancelled the enrolment.
  • You have upto 6 months to redeem your eligible make-up lesson.
  • For any classes missed for health reasons a medical certificate will need to be provided before booking the make-up lesson
  • Presenting a medical certificate for classes missed without cancellation notification will not result in a make-up lesson
  • Make-up lessons are not transferable to siblings, holiday programs or the following term.
  • Any cancellation throughout the Holiday Intensive Program will not be issued a make-up lesson.
  • Where Aquafin Swim School chooses to close for Christmas break and or public holidays, you will not be charged for closure days and a make up lesson is not required
  • The make up lesson for a missed private lesson will be in a group class.

Missed Class Policy

In the case your child misses two or more classes, and our team is unable to communicate with you and other family contact provided, Aquafin may cancel that membership. In such case, unused lessons and or the 2-week deposit will not be refunded.

Day or Lesson Change

Aquafin reserves the right to change the class timings and days at any time. We may cancel or consolidate a class where we only have 1 or 2 children. However, in both of these cases, we will give you prior notice of one week and will work with you to re-schedule the class.

Aquafin may not be able to comply with all requests for specific teachers as a teacher’s schedule may change at any time.

Swimming Attire

To maintain high level of hygiene at Aquafin facilities, all children, who wear nappies, must wear

  • Reusable swim nappies
  • Swimming caps

at all times while in the pool. Children who wear nappies outside, need to wear nappies during swimming as well. We recommend that children wear swim nappies or adjustable nappies under their reusable nappies to reduce the possibility of an accident. Parents and carers are recommended to wear rash vests. This causes the child to reach out and hold the carer themselves rather than the carer supporting them, encouraging habits of independence in him/her.

All older children will need to wear proper swimming costume/swim suit/rashies and or swim shorts to attend their lesson. Regular clothes are not allowed in the pool. We carry a range of quality caps and goggles that can be purchased in reception.

Videos and Photographs

We as parents love to take pictures of our kids. For this reason, Aquafin allows parents to capture their child’s special moments, but we also have to respect the privacy of others around. We can only allow you to capture photographs or make videos if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • If you capture another child or parent in the frame, you must obtain their consent to use the footage/pictures.
  • No image or video can be published without consent from the relevant parties.
  • For people who have captured private conversations on their phones, it is essential that they either immediately delete this content or obtain the consent of the concerned parties before retaining or using it in any way.
  • The use of phones and cameras is strictly prohibited in the shower area under all circumstances.
  • By signing the Enrolment form you consent to comply with all instructions provided by Aquafin staff to stop the usage of your electronic device and or delete the content if the right to privacy of our customers is not respected.


Parking is available in front of the unit or across the road. Please do not park anywhere in the complex.

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