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From backyard pool parties with to beach vacations with friends and family, life is full of opportunities to make memories in and around water. 

Our advanced swimming lessons equip your child with the confidence and skills you need to join in on the fun, furthering their water safety skills. These classes are designed to tune and refine a child’s water survival skills.

A child’s competency is tested and taught covering the whole distance of a standard pool length.

Advanced Stages: Frog, Stingray and Dolphin.

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Our Frog lesson plan focuses on advanced freestyle and backstroke skills. More time is spent on technique as well as water confidence. 

In our Advanced level classes swimmers focus on improving technique and gaining endurance and developing competition skills such as starts, turns, and streamlining.

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Our Stingray level focuses to build on the freestyle and backstroke techniques. This is achieved by increasing the distance that your child swims.

These lessons focus on freestyle side breathing, backstroke technique and fundamentals of breaststroke arms and legs and introduction of butterfly kicks.

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Our dolphin lesson plan takes your child to the advanced stage of breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and backstroke. Straight arms and arm timing with breathing are corrected throughout this level.

Swimmers focus on improving technique and gaining endurance.

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When your child learns how to swim with Aquafin, they benefit from a curriculum that has been tested and proven over 12 million times. We even offer rolling start dates, meaning your little swimmers can start at any time during the year.

Whether the goal is to develop lifesaving water safety skills, compete at an elite level or something in between, our kid’s swimming lessons are perfect for all ages and abilities.

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