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Swimming is not only fun and empowering, it’s an essential life skill that will make your kids safer. Whether they’re splashing in a kiddie pool, perfecting their cannonball technique, or trying to catch a wave, all Aquafin kids can benefit from being stronger and safer swimmers.

It’s never too late to learn how to swim. No matter how old you are, it’s possible to develop the swimming skills you need to feel safe and comfortable around water.

Independent Stages: Turtle, Crab and Octopus.

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Our Turtle level is the first in the pre-school program. This level focuses on developing your child’s confidence in the water as this is the first swim class that is without the parent in the water.

We achieve this by teaching your child basic safety skills (blowing bubbles through the mouth and nose, front and back float, as well as the beginning arm and kicking movements for freestyle) and progress to independent freestyle and developing backstroke technique.

This level aims to increase the freestyle distance up to 3 – 5 meters and introduce the doggy paddle.

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Our Crab level takes the basic independent training from turtle level and develops your child’s water familiarity, balance, independence, breath control, effective free-floating, propulsion on the front & back and water safety skills. The aim is to improve and build on the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke.

Swimmers in the crab level focus on freestyle and backstroke techniques to a distance of 7 meters.

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Our Octopus level continues to develop and maintain your child’s good float and paddle techniques. This level aims to increase the freestyle up to 10 meters.

In our octopus class level swimmers develop their freestyle and backstroke techniques with the introduction of big arms and side breathing.

Swimming Lessons

No matter how old you are, it’s possible to develop the swimming skills you need to feel safe and comfortable around water.

Lessons can even help swimmers refine each stroke to improve their swimming ability, and they provide helpful coaching for any child who wants to hone their swimming skills to increase speed, endurance and confidence.

Every instructor is fiercely passionate about swimming, and our team is excited to take your swimmer from bubbles to butterfly!

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